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What To Expect

After the last El Dorado County Board of Supervisors Meeting, where the ballot measures were certified and we were given a more realistic timeline for the county, we re-evaluated our initial timeline, for the Business Services Resource Center, and have decided to make a few slight changes.

First, given that the county is planning to come back in February, to discuss the proposed rules for manufacturing, nursery and testing labs as well as the recommendation for tax rates, we have decided to push back our launch date from the beginning of January to the beginning of February. Also, given that the staffing fee study will not be presented until March and the proposed procedures and forms will not be presented until April, we believe that it is smart to begin working on basic business structures and business plans over the months of February, March and April.

Over the last year, our law firm, The Law Office of Dale Schafer, has been working in municipalities across the state and although we do not have any specifics, to the Conditional Use Permit and Business Operating Permit requirements in El Dorado County, some requirements have been seen across most, if not all, of the municipalities we have worked in. Additionally, We have filed state applications with the Bureau of Cannabis Control, California Department of Food and Agriculture and California Department of Public Health and have gotten acquainted with many of the requirements at the state level. Below is a list of items, that we use internally, necessary to put cannabis businesses together and submit local and state applications as well as have a compliance book, on hand, in preparation for local and state site visits:

Basic Cannabis Business To-Do List


Business Plan

Set up Business Structure

EIN Number

Employee Handbook

Trademarking (Brand)

Marketing Plan (Most License Types)

LOCAL LEVEL (Specific to your Municipality but based upon other Municipalities)

Local Conditional Use Permit Application

Could Also Include:

Floor Plan

Premise Diagram from Architect

Security Evaluation and Plan

Building Permit and Inspection

Fire Inspection

Engineer Consultation and Report

CEQA Consultation and Report

Business Operating Permit Application

Could Also Include:

Fictitious Business Statement

Local Tax Application

Seller’s Permit

Profit & Loss Statement (In some municipalities)

Waste Management Plan

Product Description

Proof of Insurance

Odor Control Plan

Water Efficiency Plan

Lighting Plan/Energy Efficiency Plan

Owner’s Statement of Consent


State License Application

Also Will Include:

Live-Scan for each owner and Financial Interest

Local Authorization (comes with Permit)

Letter of Permission to Occupy (Same as Owner’s Statement of Consent)

Standard Operating Procedures to include:

Quality Control Procedures

Inventory Control Procedures

Transportation Procedures

Waste Management Procedures

Security Procedures

Delivery Procedures (delivery only)

Distribution Plan/Distribution Transport-Only Plan (distribution only)

Cultivation Plan (cultivation only)

Closed-loop System Cert (Manufacturing)

Proof of GPS & POS (Retail/Delivery)

Fictitious Business Statement (name & number)

Surety Bond


Track-and-Trace training and Cert


Cover Sheet

Business Structure Documents

Bylaws or Operating Agreement

Proof of Business Structure Meetings

Standard Operating Procedures

Employee Handbook

CONTRACTS (Need Attorney Assistance)

Bylaws (Corporations)

Operating Agreements (LLC)

Cultivation Contracts (cultivator leaning)

Distribution Contracts (distributor leaning)

Manufacturing Contracts (manufacturer leaning)

Retail Contracts (retail leaning)

Non-Disclosure Agreements


The two things that we would like you to take, from this list, is:

1. You only NEED an attorney to assist you with the documents under the heading of CONTRACTS.

2. The items under GENERAL are really the building blocks to what the local and state agencies will require to be submitted.

Since we do not have information on what the county will be requiring for the Conditional Use Permit and the Business Operating Permit, we will be altering our previously released Workshops, Working Groups and Guest Speaker/Networking Events to include the items under the heading of GENERAL. The Specifics & Dates will be released, in the coming weeks.

Please feel free to call our office at (916) 740-2141 for information about our upcoming Workshops, Working Groups and Guest Speakers/Networking Events.

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