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We Have A To-Do List For Applications

I have been going over the first draft of the El Dorado County cannabis ordinance and we have been given a list of what they are going to require to be submitted with the application(s) for permit(s).

It's important to note that all of the items, listed below, are required for the State Annual Application and so I do not see the county making changes to these requirements.

Application For Commercial Cannabis Use Permit

1. Name, Contact Address and phone number of the applicant and all owners

2. Business formation documents and Bylaws/Operating Agreement showing percentage of ownership and identifying all financial interest holders

3. Background check (Live Scan) of all owners, spouses of owners and designated local contact.

4. Information on Designated Local Contact

5. Written consent of owner as well of notarized signature, if not owner of property or space where premise will be located.

6. Site Plan

7. Detailed Explanation of how the applicant will prevent theft and access to those under twenty-one (21) unless you are retail and servicing medical patients.

8. Proof that operations will comply with county rules.

9. Proof that operations will comply with state regulations.

10. Overall Operating Plan

11. If applicable, description of how applicant will meet and maintain organic certification standards.

12. Security Plan.

13. Premise Diagram.

14. Certification of the accuracy of the information submitted and agreement to comply with all conditions of the permit.

15. Proof of Surety Bond (Required attachment for state application)

16. Waste Management Plan (Required attachment for state application)

17. CEQA Documents (Required for CUP and State application)

18. Business License (It may not need to be submitted but you will need to have)

19. Fictitious Business Statement (May not need to be submitted but needed if you will have a brand)

20. Business Plan (May not need to be submitted but proves that you are sustainable and will help with your overall package)

Here is the good news. The majority of the above will also be submitted with your state application and will allow that process to move much faster. We have exactly 16 weeks to prepare for applications to be made available. This is a tremendous amount of work but IT CAN BE DONE.

Need Help? Need Direction? Overwhelmed?

I am offering full business and partial business management as well as educational services to assist you through the process and it all starts with a strategy session with Attorney Dale Schafer.

Call 916-740-2141 for a consultation

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