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Updated Basic To-Do List For El Dorado County Applicants

Hi Everyone! Now that we have had some time to absorb the first draft of the ordinance, I wanted to put out the updated Basic To-Do List for El Dorado County Applicants. If you are not from El Dorado County, but are following or are preparing to apply in your own jurisdiction, much of the required documents are what the state agencies are requiring for submission of your state application. Therefore, this list will be helpful for you to begin working on and it is likely that all of these documents will be required for most California jurisdictions coming online over the next several months.

Basic Cannabis Business To-Do List


Business Plan

LOCAL LEVEL (Specific to your Municipality but based upon other Municipalities)

Local Conditional Use Permit Application

CUP Application

Initial CEQA Pretest

Business License

List of all owners to include:



Phone Number

Documentation to prove % of ownership to include:

Operating Agreement (LLC)

Bylaws (Corporation)

Stock Certificates (Corporation)

Any other document demonstrating % of ownership

Written consent of owner, if leasing property or space, and notarized signature

Contact information of “Designated Local Contact”

Detailed explanation of how applicant will prevent theft and access to minors under age 21

Proof that operations will comply with county rules

Proof that operations will comply with state regs

Overall Operating Plan

Organic Certification Standards document (if applicable)

Complete copy of all state application attachments

Security Plan


Premise Diagram

Certification of Accuracy

Business Operating Permit Application

Fictitious Business Statement

Local Tax Application

Sellar’s Permit

A copy of the CUP required documents except CUP application and CEQA docs


State License Application

Also Will Include:

Live-Scan for each owner and Financial Interest

Local Authorization (comes with Permit)

Letter of Permission to Occupy (Same as Owner’s Statement of Consent)

Standard Operating Procedures to include:

Quality Control Procedures

Inventory Control Procedures

Transportation Procedures

Waste Management Procedures

Security Procedures

Delivery Procedures (delivery only)

Distribution Plan/Distribution Transport-Only Plan (distribution only)

Cultivation Plan (cultivation only)

Closed-loop System Cert (Manufacturing)

Proof of GPS & POS (Retail/Delivery)

Fictitious Business Statement (name & number)

Surety Bond


Track-and-Trace training and Cert

Compliance Audits


Cover Sheet

Business Structure Documents

Bylaws or Operational Agreement

Proof of Business Structure Meetings

Standard Operating Procedures

Employee Handbook


Employee Handbook

Compliant Employee Files

Plan for Employee Growth

Record of Employee Training


Bylaws (Corporations)

Operating Agreements (LLC)

Cultivation Contracts (cultivator leaning)

Distribution Contracts (distributor leaning)

Manufacturing Contracts (manufacturer leaning)

Retail Contracts (retail leaning)

Non-Disclosure Agreements


Again, I want to remind you all that you only need to hire an attorney to write your contracts. Additionally, it is advisable that you find a Legal Assistant or Business Services Firm that is working under a licensed attorney's license as that attorney is required to carry insurance that an independent consultant is not. Agora C Business Services works directly under The Law Office of Dale Schafer and Attorney Schafer oversees all of the work that we complete.

As a reminder, Agora C Business Services is offering Full Business Management and Partial Business Management services. Additionally, we will begin our Educational Services in July. It all starts with a call to The Law Office of Dale Schafer (916) 740 -2141 to set up a consultation.

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