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Agora C Business Services

Resource Center

The Agora C Business Services Resource Center has been designed for the small cannabis operator looking to make the transition into the regulated market. The now Virtual Resource Center offers Workshops, led by professionals qualified to educate you on all topics necessary to make the best decisions for your business, Working Groups, to assist you in every step of the process of completing your local level permits and state-level license, Professional Guest Speakers, to introduce you to topics such as insuring your business and obtaining the best security consultation to implement your state-required security plan, and Networking Events, to introduce you to other industry professionals in your local area allowing you to build the necessary relationships to move your product through the legal supply chain. 

Public Speaker
Guest Speakers

Examples Of Our Guest Speakers Include:

  • Accounting/Bookkeeping

  • Insurance

  • Security

  • Marketing

  • Local Cannabis Enforcement

  • Cannabis Waste Management

  • Lobbying

Virtual Workshops

Examples Of Our Workshops Include:

  • Overview Of The Legal Supply Chain

  • How To Choose Your Business Structure

  • Trademarking Your Brand

  • CEQA & Your Cannabis Business

  • Compliance For Your License

  • Appellations & The Agricultural Cooperative

  • Important Elements Of A Good Contract


Q&A Seminar
Virtual Working Groups

Examples Of Our Working Groups Include:

  • Introduction To Your Conditional Use Permit Application

  • Filing Your Corporation & LLC

  • Business Operating Permit Application Completion

  • Obtaining Your EIN Number

  • Writing Your Standard Operating Procedures

  • Completing Your Waste Management Plan

For More Information About A Membership With The Virtual Resource Center Call (530) 320-4191 Or Email
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