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Business Services for the Cannabis Industry

Agora C Business Services offers a wide range of consulting services with the necessary tools and expertise to help grow your business. We partner with our clients from start to finish, focusing on their needs while producing new ideas, developing effective strategies and designing high quality and scalable solutions.

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What Sets Us Apart

Agora C Business Services brings together the fee structure of a consulting firm with the expertise of a law firm. 

Business Team


Agora C Business Services can help you with everything from attending local government meetings and forming your business structure to submitting your applications and helping to implement your operating procedures

Financial Report


Agora C Business Services can assist with your growth through access to cannabis knowledgeable accounting, access to compliant banking, expansion assistance and access to investment.

Explore Our Services

Business Management

Agora C Business Services offers Cannabis Business Management services to clients across California.  We offer two VIP levels of Full-Service Business Management to meet the needs of your organization.  


Our Full Cannabis Business Management Program is our most complete service package.  You can focus on business development while Agora C focuses on the minute details of making your cannabis venture a reality in this newly-regulated space.  This is our White-Glove service package. For a complete service listing and price, click here.


If you just need the basics for getting your cannabis business started and staying compliant, our Cannabis Business Submission & Partial Compliance Program is just what you need.  This package has you up and running and staying compliant in a highly-regulated industry. For a complete listing and price, click here.


Don’t need all that in one package? Nearly all of our services listed in the Full Cannabis Business Management Program are available a-la-cart for $150 per hour.


Business Education


We believe that education is the key to a successful business. With that in mind, Agora C Business Services offers private business education for you and your employees. From regulatory compliance training for your compliance officers to Administrative training for your Head of Administration services. We are here to help. To schedule private business education for your employees email 

We believe that education is the greatest service we can offer all of our clients.  For business owners and potential executives, employees and job-seekers, and even canna-curious customers, we have an array of engaging and enlightening educational programs in production. 

Educational Videos Comming Soon

DIY - Templates


We have the following templates available for purchase:

Business Plan

California Standard Operating Procedures

Cannabis Cultivation

Full Cultivation

Cultivation Nursery

Cultivation Processing

Cannabis Distribution

Full Distribution

Transport-Only Distribution

Storage-Only Distribution

Cannabis Manufacturing

Type N Manufacturing

Type P Manufacturing

Cannabis Retail

Full Retail (Storefront & Deliver)

Retail Storefront

Retail Delivery

To purchase one of our templates click here

Individual Business Services
Start-Up and Growth Operators

Legal Strategy Consultation - Meet with our legal staff and get all of your legal strategy questions answered. A typical legal strategy consultation is 1 hour and hosted via Zoom due to the current Covid-19 restrictions. To schedule a Legal Strategy Consultation email

Business Structure Formation - Every cannabis business, in California, requires a business structure in order to obtain a local permit and state license. Our typical business structure provides the following:

30-minute legal consultation to determine the best structure for the project

Referral to cannabis knowledgable accountant to advise on any tax issues

File initial business structure documents

File Statement of Information


Draft Operating Agreement/Bylaws

Draft Founder's Meeting Agenda (corporations only)

Host Founder's Meeting (corporations only)

Draft Founder's Meeting Minutes (corporations only)

For More Information on Business Structure Formation or Business Structure Maintenance CLICK HERE

To obtain a business structure and move forward with a 30-minute legal consultation email

Local Application Review - Are you looking for a last-minute review of your local cannabis application? Let Agora C Business services assist you in this review. Our Chief Legal Council will review your local ordinance, Application Instructions, and your application to determine whether you have addressed all requirements as laid out by the application instructions. 

For More Information on our Local Application Review CLICK HERE

Site Compliance Audit - Let Agora C Business Services find your regulatory compliance issues before the local or state agencies do. A compliance audit consists of:

Review of SOP's

Review of Premise Diagram

Site Visit

Report to detail areas to improve your operation

Compliance Bootcamp to brush up on the rules and regulations specific to your license type (extra fee)

To schedule a Site Compliance Audit email

Ask me about banking if you are a licensed operator (Click Link)

Smiling Woman

Tracey, CEO

I would not have made it through my application process without the help and guidance of Agora C Business Services. 

Man with Tattoo

Jeremy, President

All I can say is AMAZING! I always feel like I am the first priority and they go above and beyond.

Woman in Suit

Michelle, CPA

I refer clients who need a patient, problem solver, because I know that the customer service experience will be exceptional and the tasks will get accomplished in a timely manner. 

DaleSchaferLaw Chats

DaleSchaferLaw Chats

DaleSchaferLaw Chats
DaleSchaferLaw Chats with Attorney Dana Cisneros

DaleSchaferLaw Chats with Attorney Dana Cisneros

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DaleSchaferLawChats with JJ Pay of S2S Insurance

DaleSchaferLawChats with JJ Pay of S2S Insurance

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DaleSchaferLaw Chats with JJ Loder

DaleSchaferLaw Chats with JJ Loder

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